Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Farm, a business formed by Jeff Katz and Bud Wolf, over 30 years ago, has turned out top horses and riders every year. The barn's atmosphere is positive and personal, and is supportive of individuals' goals and interests in all aspects of show horsemanship. Bay Ridge prides itself on teaching and being successful showing with young children in the Short Stirrup division, to Grand Prix amateurs and professionals. We work with children from ages 5 and up.

Bay Ridge has a rigorous "care" program for each horse in the barn. Our grooms are selected with great care, and are reviewed and monitored on a daily basis. We have a nutrition program designed to meet the needs of each horse we care for, and review our horses' health and well-being every day. Owners' preferences in feed and supplements are carefully discussed and changed as horses' work and programs change. We have very close relationships with our veterinarians and our farrier, and make sure that communications are open between them.

Jeff Katz

Jeff started riding as a Junior, and showed many winning Junior Hunters on his own horses and those of professionals for whom he worked. He also had great success in equitation over many years of riding. He has been a trainer for over 30 years.

Jeff's clients have been winners in the Hunter, Equitation and Jumper show divisions. He has won many Championships in the AA, AO and Children's Hunter and Jumper classes at A shows . Jeff trained the most winning Junior Hunter in the Junior Hunter Division: Remember Me, owned by Kendle Handtmann.

Jeff has competed and been Champion at every major horseshow in the nation, including Devon, The Hampton Classic, Harrisburg, The Capitol Challenge and Washington DC. Recently he has coached top name professionals in both the Hunter and Jumper rings.

Bud Wolf

Bud grew up riding in the Chicago area of the mid-west. He was an avid fox hunting participant and showed from a very young age. Bud's unique talents have allowed many young horses to enter the show ring with him, our clients and later to move on to national acclaim as winners. Bud has won at all of the major California shows. He has prepared numerous Junior and Amateur horses to great success in competition.

Bud is kind, gentle and easy to get along with. He is at all of the horse shows setting up our barn with the team of grooms we have with us. He rides all of the horses in the Open Divisions, and teaches as well. Our beautiful set-ups at the shows are due to his diligence and love  of the sport and his barn. He also sets wonderful, technical courses at home,  so that both horses and clients are ready to go to the shows without any hesitation.

Barn Management

Our Barn Manager, Bly Mann, has worked with horses and their care for over 40 years. She has close relationships with our veterinarians, our farrier, our grooms, and our clients. She is responsible for the general overseeing of the horses and making sure that clients are happy and aware of what their horse's needs are. She works under our veterinarians in rehabilitation and care, and is a certified laser technician which gives us access to superior in-house, veterinarian supervised high technology machinery to aid in the health and well-being of the horses. She has been with Bay Ridge as manager for eight years.